Introduction to our cause:

We are the marine biology class of Newport High School in Newport, Oregon. Our project this year is to educate the public about invasive species. Much of the public is unaware of the fact that they are contributing to the spread of these invasive species. Our goal was to educate the local community first, then the county/state, the nation and then expand to the whole world in hopes that we could help reduce the amount careless spreading of these invaders. We started with an article written by the whole class for our local newspaper, the Newport Newstimes. Then we made sweatshirts and bumper stickers to help spread the news about Aquatic Invasive Species, AIS. We hope that the bumper stickers are translated into different languages and spread out to different countries of the world by next year. Would you like to purchase a sweatshirt or two? They are $25, or $28 for 2XL sizes plus shipping. The stickers are $1 a piece plus shipping.While I am trying to figure out how to get blog to communicate properly, you can contact me at school email to get sweatshirts and/or bumper stickers. T-shirts are available, too. $15 and $18 for T-shirts.

This is all non-profit! A small amount, $3, from each sweatshirt goes toward the bumper sticker campaign. Our primary goal is to get the information out and become walking and driving billboards for the cause. We can make a difference!

Hoodie sweatshirts are now available at local stores and restuarants:

Local Oceans Foods and Wind Drift Gallery, both on the bayfront.

Stickers are available at:

Red Door Cafe, Whales Tale, Mo's Annex, Canyon Way Book Store, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Rogue and Local Oceans.

bumper sticker

bumper sticker

Monday, April 6, 2009

introduction to developing blog

okay, here goes nothing kids lets start with your posters. try to send your ais poster to this site so we can start developing this blog location

AIS Posters:

Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3
Poster 4

5-18-09: Reports Unavaible at this time.